ORM and its turning the table technique

Google is a pivotal point for all those coming in search of your company. That can also turn into becoming a place of judgement for all your brand related activities. About 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Based on reviews and a negative online presence your company’s image can severely be damaged. Your online reputation counts, whether you’re closing a business deal, developing brand relationships or engaging audiences. It’s time you turn the table with our online reputation management service and make those reviews work in your favour!

Analyze and Begin

Before you start to make improvements, you need to analyze insights on your existing digital presence. Gauge your presence by following the checklist below and look for the first five listings.

  1. Google your business
  2. Google about your people
  3. Search for or product name

If you can’t find your company on the first five listings you need our team of ORM management experts for a total reputation control. We make sure that the first impression we show about your brand on Google is as positive as possible. With a continuous removal of negative reviews we have become the best reputation management agency in Delhi NCR.

and name. Are people talking about you and your business? If so, is it positive commentary? If there are negative mentions, are others hopping on board or do your social fans come to your defence?

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