Targeting ads towards your customers is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind for generating sales and growing your business. But you also need to keep in mind that your competitors are also there and to make sales and credibility for your business you need to find a way to block the way of your competitors to reach out to your target audience.

Do you think there is any way to do so?

If you said no, then let us tell you that you are wrong. As here we are going to talk about a method with the help of which you can eliminate competitors from the playing field by placing obstruction before them.

That is by using Roadblock ads methods. You must have heard about regular roadblock ads, youtube roadblock ads and many more, we are going to discuss all of them here.

What is the Roadblock ads method?

Roadblock advertisement is one such method of advertisement under which all the placements linked with your site are roadblocked, not only that all those placements will have the same creative content for the advertiser which may act as viral advertising.

With the help of this method the advertisers or companies can own 100% voice for a specific time. You must have noticed that whenever you come across a specific thing that you want to buy, then the chances are high that you will buy it early.

For example:

If you are in the mood of eating cake and you are noticing a number of cake shops while traveling, then this enhances your chances of buying a cake.

The same analogy is used under roadblock ads, this is an ad campaign which would run exclusively on a page for advertisement.

Moreover this is an ideal method for a brand or product to increase it’s awareness.

Features of Roadblock Ads:

There are a number of features you can get with Roadblock ads method, let us have a look at them one by one:

  • The first and most important benefit of roadblock ads is it offers 100% share of voice during the campaign. Which means you would be able to promote and increase your brand awareness upto an extreme extent efficiently.
  • The next reason because of which people love roadblock ads is, it helps you a lot in advertising your brand for even a single day. Till now you might not have heard about methods that can help you advertise for just one day, roadblock ads help you in that.

Not only that you can advertise for multiple days also.

  • It offers a feature of running multiple ad sizes. So you can make such changes on the basis of your ad requirements and many more such things.
  • Roadblock ads also offer you large ad formats too.

This was all about some of the most amazing features you get with Roadblock advertisements.

Creativity in Roadblock Advertisement:

If someone starts promoting themselves around yourself then will you like that?

We are sure your answer would be no.

Because customers these days have evolved and they will never purchase something being promoted directly. Hence that is the reason why creativity is added in roadblock advertisements.

With the help of creativity in roadblock advertisements you would be able to make it easier for your brand to attract more people towards you. Moreover there are chances that people will directly follow the CTA to know what happens next in that creative ad.

Types of Roadblock Advertisements:

Here in this section we are going to have a look at various type of roadblock advertisements, which are as follows:

The first one in the list is broadcast advertising. Under broadcasting technique companies directly buy airtime during a specific event or time where they can directly promote themselves and in this way it completely eliminates the competitive issues.

In some cases the companies like to dominate an entire network. While on the other hand there are people who find more ways to use roadblock advertisements under broadcasting such as buying slots for ad breaks.

Youtube roadblock ads are also considered in the broadcasting section.

The next sector is print advertising. Well this is a quite difficult stream to go with roadblock advertisements, because how can one block your customers attention through a magazine.

So the method you can specifically use is by adding creativity in your ads, that can help you with the attention blocking aspects.

Here we have the third sector which is signage. Yes, you heard it right, roadblocking advertisement tactics can be used on the roads in certain circumstances.

This was all about a few types of roadblock advertisements.