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"Jingle bells with the elf's...Christmas Is here, hurray!
New Year's time, ball drop shines, make some fresh ways, yay!"

Ho-Ho-Ho... it is winter.

The chilly wind is here knocking on our doors, telling us to welcome the new changes. Where some of us are accepting these changes with beanies, scarfs, and long over-coats, while some of us had chosen hot coffee by our side to be our forever partner for winter.

It is that time of the year where there is no such need to tell ourselves to be happy and find reasons to celebrate. As the year is coming to its end in no time long, here's to the last two remaining celebrations of this passing year.

To Christmas and New Year!

Every person in this world is aware of the reason behind celebrating Christmas, so without repeating the "why", let's know-how? How do people across the globe celebrate Christmas and New Year? With everyone having their own ways and tradition to rising up to the occasion, it is the western culture that has the best to show.

As it is time to wrap up the old year and begin the celebration of new arrivals, here are a few bizarre Christmas festivities that are unlikely to think of yet are in tradition to be celebrated by many.

From following the tradition of serving caterpillars for Christmas in South Africa to hiding the brooms in fear of witches coming out on Christmas eve in Norway. There are many such bizarre traditions such as decorating the Christmas tree with spider webs because according to the Ukrainian ancestors, the first light of Christmas morning can do wonders, and miraculously the webs can turn into gold.

With the belief in the most inappropriate tradition across the globe for Christmas, here are some awesomely created traditions for New Year that are as wonderful to follow as beautiful they look while performing.

3...2...1...Happy New Year!

If you ever wish to see how New Year’s Eve is celebrated, you better visit cities namely Los Angles, New York City, London, Paris, Sydney, and some others who own some specialties that make their celebration different from the world.

In one city of the States, Los Angles, where the New Year is welcomed by artists performing in concerts, living up the surrounding, and energizing up the whole environment, and as the clock strikes 12 they welcome New Year with fireworks around all the casinos.

The other American city, New York City's Times Square can never be amiss in the list of New Year celebrations. Since the year 1907-08 the tradition of Ball Drop when the clock strikes midnight is being celebrated and just to see that ball drop live, millions of the people gather around Times Square on New Year's eve and with the count down to zero the celebrations of New Year's enhances.

Following in the list comes the city of love, Paris. Eiffel tower on usual days is a delight to look at in itself but on New Year's eve, the beauty of the sky enhances the nearby skyscrapers of Paris as the gleaming, and shinning Eiffel tower shares the light of fireworks.

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